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About Us

Energy is the lifeblood of modern economies. Everything we do requires energy. By 2050 around 10 billion people will be living on this planet. Energy requirements will increase manifold. Expanding reliable and affordable supplies of energy will support industry, modern agriculture, increased trade, improved transportation, expanded communications, health, cutting-edge medical equipments and procedures and much more. These are building blocks of economic growth that create jobs that help people escape poverty and create better lives for their children. For these reasons and more, energy issues are vitally important and demand our understanding.

The Energy And Environment Foundation (EE Foundation) is a not-for-profit, non-political, neutral and independent, non-governmental organization (NGO), focused towards helping billions of poor people world over who presently have little or no access to electricity and other basic energy sources. It is a future-oriented, dynamic, talent-and-technology savvy as well as environment friendly foundation. It encompasses knowledge, ideas, innovations, technologies and insight for the advantage of the people of the world, thus leading towards a greener tomorrow. We consider our partners, contributors, donors and volunteers to be critical for the success of realizing our global vision and initiatives. Through individual, national, international organizations and institutional contributions and donations EE Foundation will be able to support a wide variety of projects on Energy and Environment including clean coal, unconventional hydrocarbons and renewable energy, nuclear energy, health care, education-training to facilitate innovative green technologies through multidisciplinary research. EE Foundation will work towards bringing governmental, industry, academic and research institutions from across the world on a single platform to address the issues related to energy and environment.

The principal purpose of the EE Foundation is to promote sustainable development of the world’s energy and natural resources in an integrated and holistic way for the benefit of mankind. Its aim to identify technology need, foster innovation and facilitate the development and implementation of new technologies with the understanding and knowledge of economic, financial and management issues in the energy and environment world and related industry.

Collaborations - We create the environment for creative collaboration with our stake holders, partners, investors, contributors, donors, technology providers, developers, suppliers, research institutions, academia and other industry organizations, such that we can develop and sustain mutually beneficial partnerships.

Our commitments to create a structured knowledge-sharing platform for national and international companies, experts, leading players of cutting-edge-technologies and services to exchange and share their experiences and expertise with others for economic growth with greater emphasis on energy efficiency, renewable energy, energy storage, safety and security of nuclear fuel supply and clean energy carriers.

Organize conferences, expos, summits, workshops, round tables, seminars on energy, environment and related subjects to bring together industry-players, academia, research scientists, technologists, policy-makers, regulators, international organizations, governments worldwide for the exchange of experiences, expertise and to explore new energy options and strategies for the future.

  • Provide a forum where participants from world over showcase their achievements and voice their views and thoughts.
  • Create Knowledge Transfer Networks (KTNs) and also distribute publications for various target groups to support the dissemination of information related to clean and green technologies.
  • Advise and give feedback to governments, international agencies and organizations on energy and environment policies, safe practices for their implementation and sustainability worldwide.

EE Foundation stands to welcome associations, collaborations and partnerships to make united effort to ensure that we leave behind a greener planet for our future generations.

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Energy And Environment Foundation

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